About Us 學校介紹

p00-front_coverNorth Valley Chinese School (NVCS) has been providing Chinese language and culture education to pre-school age thru 12th grade students in the San Jose Berryessa area since 1998. We strongly believe that the education our students are getting from our school will enhance each of our student’s sense of inner value and heritage identity, if applicable, and will help to promote their understanding and appreciation for other cultures in this age of globalization, and as a result, make them a better and more responsible citizen in this diverse world-community.

School Location:
North Valley Chinese School holds classes at the Milpitas Christian School site, located at 3435 Birchwood Lane, San Jose, CA 95132, with convenient access to freeways 680 and 880.  Due to the COVID-19, the school is now conducting classes online over Zoom until further notice.  Our mailing address is P.O. Box 32296 San Jose, CA 95152.
Mandarin Class:
Mandarin classes are offered for students at grades P, K, and 1st through 12th. Textbooks are provided by the school and use mainly the Zhuyin system for accurate pronunciation. Higher grader students also learn Pinyin.Mandarin CSL Class:
Mandarin CSL (Chinese as a Second Language) program offers Chinese language (Mandarin) classes to K-12 students and adults with no Mandarin background.

Culture Class:
A wide selection of culture classes are offered based on registration, including Chinese GO, Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Animation Illustration, Drawing and Watercolor, Mental Arithmetic, Chinese Myth and Folk Stories, and Creative Craft. There is also a Bilingual Culture class where non-Mandarin speaking students get exposure to Mandarin and the Chinese culture through engaging activities.

Class Dates & Times:
Classes are held on Sundays during school year
Mandarin & CSL Classes: 1st period 9am – 10am, 2nd period 10:10am – 11:10am
Culture Classes: 11:20am – 12:10pm


光華實驗中文學校自1998年創校至今, 為一所非營利教育機構。學校的運作由熱心的家長們共同來計劃﹑完成﹐每一環節都歡迎家長參與。這些年來光華稟著傳揚中華文化和培育中文人才的宗旨﹐一直在為孩子們提供一個優良的學習環境。

光華的老師們都是在中文教育領域裡有多年教學經驗的老師,在提高孩子們學習中文的興趣上不遺餘力。中文及中華文化除了是許多孩子們自己的文化傳承之外﹐在 現在全球化政治、經濟、文化的環境之下﹐學習這世界最多人口使用的中文﹐對孩子們將來的發展是非常有利的。為此﹐除了中文課本的教學之外﹐光華的老師們還 盡力擴大孩子們對中文及中華文化的接觸,及對中華文化衍生而來的生活教育的了解。學校也藉著舉辦參觀和討論活動﹐來擴大孩子們對中文及中華文化學習的視 野。讓孩子們在有趣的活動中﹐自然而然的對中文及中華文化的學習產生興趣。

光華實驗中文學校位於 Berryessa 聯合學區之Milpitas Christian School內。校址是 3435 Birchwood Lane, San Jose, CA 95132。靠近680。由於新冠肺炎COVID-19,光華實驗中文學校(NVCS)將通過Zoom在線進行所有課程,直到另行通知。光華之中文教學以注音符號為正音工具﹐六年級起還會加入漢語拼音。學校有P班﹑K班﹑及一至十二年級。學校上課的時間是星期日上午9:00-11:10 am﹐另在11:20-12:10開設文化班﹐教授中國故事趣談、國畫、書法、圍棋、西畫、雙語文化、心算、勞作創意及卡通動畫。光華自2006年起增 設K-12和成人 Chinese as Second Language(CSL)中文第二語班, 以語言溝通為教學目的, 為在家裡不說中文的孩子們提供學習中文及中華文化的機會。有關註冊詳情請查看Registration 註冊網頁。聯絡Email: contact@nvcs98.org