Mandarin CSL Program

North Valley Chinese School’s CSL (Chinese as a Second Language) program offers Mandarin classes for youth pre-K through 12th grade with no Mandarin background. An adult CSL class is planned for this year (see below for more information).DSCN4259

Campus Location: Due to COVID-19, classes will be conducted online via Zoom.

Date & Time: 9am – 11:10am, on Sundays.  Registration is being accepted. Please check our web site ( for registration form and information.

Textbooks: My First Chinese Reader series and Discovering Chinese series, published by Better Chinese (, designed for non-Mandarin speaking students. The textbooks use traditional or simplified Chinese characters and Hanyu pinyin, with a focus on building students’ communicative language proficiency. Students learn all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing/typing with more focus on listening and speaking. In addition, students also learn selected Chinese culture topics. The cost of textbooks, workbooks, and audio/video CDs are in addition to tuition and fee. The textbook for the adult program will be selected from among popular publishers and is still being evaluated.

CSL Youth Classes: This is a multi-year program designed specifically for students at grades pre-K through 12th. Students enter our CSL Youth program based on age and language proficiency. No Mandarin background is needed for students entering P or K class (younger than 1st grade) and CSL1 (1st grade or older). Assessment is required for students entering levels CSL2 and above. Classes are expected to have students of mixed ages, with no or very limited Mandarin background. Class sizes and offerings will vary depending on registration (with a maximum class size of about 15). Instructions are given in both English and Mandarin.

CSL Adult Class: The Adult Beginning Mandarin class will focus on developing communicative language skills demonstrated in a culturally appropriate manner. Hanyu pinyin will be introduced. If you are interested, please contact us by phone or email. The minimum class size is 8 and maximum is about 15.

Contact Phone #: (408)982-6583 (Voice mail)
Contact Email: